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only americans will understand::

shirley temple DVD set infomercial 

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stop floating above the chair nurseferatu

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Figuring out Photoshop’s compression settings.

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Digital variant of “Night flower shop” :3

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a new page of hemlock is up!

hemlock remains “updates when possible” unfortunately, but this week i handed in the first part of my MA coursework \(>m<)/ so i had a little bit of a break to do something for myself finally. 

I found this amazing webcomic months ago and couldn’t stop reading it, so I binge-read all the existing pages in one night (I stayed up until at least 1 am; not a good way to read…)

 I revisited it today, and it’s as great as I remembered. Hemlock is based on the stories of Baba Yaga, and has a black and white style unlike any other webcomic I’ve seen.

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 Barcelona - Spain (by randomix

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What the Moon Saw : and other tales
by Hans C. Andersen.
Translated by H. W. Dulcken, Ph.D.
with eighty illustrations by A. W. Bayes.
and engraved by the Brothers Darziel.
London :
George Routledge & Sons,
Broadway, Ludgate Hill.

The Marsh King’s Daughter

“A message to the viking woman”

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watched wonder woman last night and i really enjoyed it!! here’s some fanart of her wearing the jacket i wore to the cinema bc why not 💪✨

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