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In a magical, far away land known as The Hudson Valley...


                By one influential wave of energy or another, you've found yourself at this site of mine... I suppose the best thing to do right now would be to introduce myself.

             The artist you're looking at typically drifts between 3 main mediums- sculpting, drawing, and animation with some sewing thrown into each- and can often be seen or sought out doing any number of things, which go as follows:

        * Fiercely defending her mac n' cheese
        * Braving the nosebleed section of the Metropolitan Opera House NYC,
           (especially   if there's some Puccini involved)
        * Eyeing that Hendrix t-shirt at my favorite boutique
        * Debating the existence of that last dollar for a Bob Dylan CD
        * Taking the remnant's department at Joann's for all they got
           (and making the cashier hate me if I had a particularly successful day)
         * Getting it together so I can teach kids about and how to make films
         * Getting it together after that to make films myself
         * Being an Artist, through and through, and above all else.

     I myself am- My Name is Serra by the way- very interested in wildife, rock n' roll, and opera, all of which can be seen in my work. My work regarding commissions has been varied and mostly conducted over my Etsy shop, which can be seen here : http://www.etsy.com/shop/Wazzy?ref=si_shop

My Goal as an artist is to inspire those who are unsure of themselves, awaken those who are artists and don't know it yet, and of course to put a piece of my soul into every piece I create.



You'll probably notice that my work spans over more than one medium; However, the main 3 I drift between are sculpture, drawing, and animation. More specifically, I create OOAK Original Artist Dolls; I also create Original sketches, Ink Drawings, Comics, Stop Motions, and Embroidered Lanterns, which can be seen on my deviantart accounts and occasionally on this site. My art dolls are mainly sculpted from polymer clay on a pose able wire skeleton, with entirely hand sewn clothing; The level of detail is always high, and my characters are both inspired by my own inner musings as well as the timeless celebrities and rock stars idolized by me and so many others.

Commissions and Experience

My experiences with commissions have been varied and interesting. While I typically give an ideal price, I am fairly flexible when it comes to budgets and work with a client to achieve a monetary value within their price range. Shipping is handled in a similar manner.

In recent times, I was asked to create a 5-piece art doll set of "The Munsters" for a budding museum in Niagra Falls, Ontario. The project took about a month and a half to complete, and was incredibly fun to work with. All characters included, the price came out to be $320 with shipping included; Their pictures can be seen both here and at http://www.goblincove.com/characters.html . Similarly, I was commissioned to do a 4-piece sculpture set of Led Zeppelin in late 2010 for a very kind man in Rhode Island.

Although I mainly work with Art Dolls, singular commissions involving  any one of the mediums I work with are entirely welcome. If You have interest in commissioning me, I am often able to be reached at cyberzube@yahoo.com or via my etsy shop at http://www.etsy.com/shop/Wazzy?ref=si_shop

, New York

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